Fiji Random

An intro to Fiji Random

Fiji Random (FR) is a gag manga featuring a gamer girl and the random things that happen to her on a daily basis. This manga was created by me, Justin Raimey, and it has charm and laughs a plenty. Even if your sense of humor is a bit… rusty, I’m sure you will laugh a few times reading the first volume. Most of the jokes are pretty unpredictable.

01 fiji koco and the fish tan ver low res

Since this is just an intro to FR I’ll go a bit brief here. This manga was started back in the early 2000’s, when I was in high school. I would draw this during study hall and other free periods; but more on the making of this gem later. If you like comedy manga like Azumanga Daioh, Nichijou, or Dr. Slump then you are in good company with FR. It’s full of those 4-koma manga strips with a main story going on in-between. This comic is chaotic in every sense of the word. Just look up the definition of chaotic, that is FR.

I look forward to giving you a deeper look into the world of Fiji Random, a Black Streak Original!

To get Fiji Random published, we need an army behind us – we need you! Sign up to our mailing list by clicking the link below to join Terry and I in our journey to change pop culture, by bringing Fiji Random and all of our comics and book titles to mainstream audiences!

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