Dusty Dirty Days

Intro to Dusty Dirty Days

Dusty and Dirty are Black Streak Entertainment’s mascots. They are polar opposite dust bunny sisters and were just used for advertising purposes. Now, they are staring in their own manga “Dusty Dirty Days”.

dd days cover 1 noise lr

This manga is a real treat. It’s like Fiji Random but total nonsense. Think Pop Team Epic mixed with Azumanga Daioh. It was originally going to be like a Itchy and Scratchy type manga where they would get killed in some way after every chapter, but that was soon scrapped and not even put to paper.

tumblr dd4

The main story of this manga centers around the dust bunny sisters as they try to be good landlords at their apartment complex. The wrold is one that is not connected to Fiji Random or Knight of 2nd Earth. It is a world of sentient things that would normally not be. Also, plenty of insect characters like bees, silverfish and roaches.

Like Fiji Random’s Random Moments, the manga will be mainly 4-koma style gag jokes. The jokes are insane and don’t make much sense. The humor is not for everyone but they are not super offensive. This manga is recommended for teens and adults.


Dusty Dirty Days is currently being worked on. Art and story by me, Justin Raimey.

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