Knights of 2nd Earth

Knights of 2nd Earth: Tears of An Honorable King (Preview 1) – By Terry L Raimey

The following excerpt is from chapter 1 of Knights of 2nd Earth: Tears of an Honorable King.

Tylan felt a most unusual presence, as if an unnatural force was somewhere in the immediate area. He heard a faint snarl in the distance, as though a large animal of some kind lurked behind the slowly dissipating cloud of white smoke, dust, and debris that was before him. Tylan focused his eyes ahead, and walking through the smoke was an image of breathtaking and terrorizing proportions! The boy’s disbelief was strong despite seeing this foreign creature as it walked and breathed before his very eyes!

The beast stood upright as a man, but its countenance was of a large feline. It was tall in stature and its muscular frame was hulking and imposing! All but its torso, massive hands, and taloned feet were covered in orange hair, and its entire body was marked with numerous stripes of gold! Its long and bulky arms reached beyond its knees, and the massive legs that it walked upon were short when compared to the rest of the creature’s body! As the beast’s image became clearer to Tylan’s vision, he could see that its face boasted three glowing eyes, two on the left side of its face and one on the right side. The beast’s fourth eye, however, appeared to have been removed from its socket and its eyelids were sewn shut.


Tylan’s worst fears came to light, for the creature had spotted him and was charging with violent intent! The boy was frozen and could not move! His legs felt as heavy as stone pillars and his mind was overwhelmed with shock and confusion, not knowing if what he was seeing was real, or the product of a smoke inhalation induced hallucination!


Out of nowhere, what looked to be a large and hazy bright-green cloud crashed into the beast! The tremendous force of the blast sent the feline sailing through the air for quite some distance! Its image vanished into the smoke cloud before its body was heard crashing into the ground! Tylan’s heart beat rapidly and his breathing was so fast and heavy that he swore he had just finished running a marathon!

He turned his eyes in the direction that the blast came from and saw the source of the incredible attack dashing through the smoke with unnatural speed!

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