Fiji Random

Video Game References in Fiji Random

The Fiji Random manga is video game themed. It’s the #1 gimmick about the entire concept. I’m a big fan of video games and really wanted to create a manga that had that same theme. The cover of the first volume was designed to look like a game over, like a Xbox game box. Not only is the cover video game inspired, the structure of it’s content is video game like as well.


You can’t play the manga but each chapter is called a “stage” and when the stage is over, a “game over” is placed on the last panel. It’s a play on the normal format that literature would have. Nothing extravagant but it’s a nice touch. The stages in Fiji Random are akin to what you would see in a typical manga or comic. If a stage is being read, that stage will have a continuing story line. These stages are the actual story of Fiji Random.

Random Moments

These are those 4koma strips that you see in comedy manga like Azu Manga Daioh and K-on. They are those vertical comic strips. Now, these strips are not video game themed but they bring the random to Fiji Random. Random Moments are short jokes that come before and after Stages. They don’t have any real importance to the story. They are only there for the laughs. Random Moments gives readers a chance to get to know the characters better while getting a laugh at the same time. Since they don’t have anything to do with the story, they are incredibly wacky and out there. Each strip is numbered. They are all random numbers but if the strip continues beyond the initial 4 panels the next number will continue the gag. The number will be in a random spot in the volume, or in another volume all together.

fiji random moments set 1 a1 crumb



A wide verity of the jokes have to do with video games. So get ready for that.

fiji random moments set 1 b1 sucked

Note:  The strips on this blog post are not in volume 1.

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