Primary Series

Primary Yellow! And intro to Milk and Coffee

In the mood for some dark thriller action? Well, here we go.

Primary Yellow:  Milk and Coffee the second part of the Primary trilogy is the tragic tale about three heroes. Two of those heroes are Pulse and Becky James. Pulse is the one with the white hair and Becky is the brown.

becky pulse l small copy

This title is surrounded in mystery, because it is kind of a mystery.  It first started out a series of art prints that told a story, but now it is a visual novel currently in development. There’s not a lot to say about it now because I don’t want to spoil it for anybody, but there will be twists and it will be dark. I’m going for more of a epic short story here. I’m not into long winded visual novels. Milk and Coffee will be about 5 hours long, maximum. But like I said, it’s currently in development so who knows how long it’s going to be. I haven’t even finished the draft yet, just the outline.

becky sit2 poster lq

The Primary series is split into three parts. The first is Primary Red (subtitle pending), the second being Primary Yellow:  Milk and Coffee and the last being Primary Blue: (subtitle pending). As you can see the trilogy deals with the three primary colors. Each story will have that color as the main element in the plot. The primary series will be mostly dark and more adult than Fiji Random or Dusty Dirty Days. This series will be influenced by the Bible, mostly the stories in the old testament and the Book of Revelation.

pulse tri lq

More info on the characters are soon to come! Thanks for visiting the Black Streak Entertainment blog!

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