Black Quest

Black Quest: The Game

More and more video game developers are coming out with that pseudo-retro style game with messy graphics and a complete lack of level design.  This sickens me.  I’ve been playing games since I was a kid, so I know a bad game when I play one.  Games have to be fun.  That is the #1 rule, make the game fun and a lot of them that come out now-a-days are not fun! Do they even play test games anymore?  They barely make games where you can play with actual friends on the same TV.

temp title screen IG

What also makes me upset is the lack of black (African American) games.  We have stereotypical games like the ones with a gangster theme (I really hate this theme) or based on a black celebrity… that’s about it.  I want games that have an all black cast where they are in space fighting aliens or on an epic quest to save the world from an overlord.  Why can’t a black guy be the hero of a fantasy RPG?  It’s all fiction folks!  This needs to change.  I will be the one to start that change.  Games are going to have to be good and more diverse.  No more tokens, no more sidekicks, no more having a black character in the cast for the sake of having a black character represented in a game with a white hero.  I know there may be some games out there with an all black cast, but there certainly ain’t enough.

black elf lq

This is where Black Quest comes into play.  It is a game currently in development by Black Streak Ent.  It’s a one man show kind of development.  This game will be like the classic arcade game “Gauntlet”, but all of the characters will be black fantasy characters.  It will not be a complete clone of Gauntlet, but it will be based off of it.  Gauntlet is game where you go around maze like stages filled with hoards of monsters.  The goal is to get to the exit of each level.  It’s a simple top-down shooter kind of game.  This is not going to be a type of game that will cram the blackness of the characters down your throat.  It will just be a fun, polished game that happen to have an all black cast of characters.

Black Quest will have 8 character classes to choose from, but only a maximum of 4 can be played at once.  The classes are Black Knight, Black Cleric, Black Witch, Black Dancer, Black Hunter, Black Elf, Black Thief and Black Dwarf.  Four male characters and four female characters.  Each character will have their own stats and attacks.  I also plan on having leveling up and different campaigns in the game to keep it from getting boring.

black witch lq v2

This game will be fun, co-op, look great, and worth your time.  If the game is none of these things it will not be released.  Since I’m not a programmer, the game will take years to complete.  It will also take a long time, because good games take time.  I will keep everyone updated on this blog as the game grows, so be on the lookout.

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