Primary Series

Becky James: Milk and Coffee Charater

Becky James is one of the heroes in Primary Yellow: Milk and Coffee. Her character map is seen below.

becky character map small

As you can see from the map, her age is not really known, see sometimes has a halo above her head in promotional art works. Her outfit is generally just what you see in the map. She isn’t showing all that skin for no reason, it’s her pajamas. The plot crashes down on her when she is alone in her apartment. She doesn’t have time to prepare for what is going to happen to her in the adventure.

The story of Milk and Coffee takes place in a short period of time. I’m a fan of movies like “The Warriors” or “DREDD” for example, that take place in an evening or a few hours. I think it’s more of a cool adventure when it happens in a matter of hours.

The Milk and Coffee title is funny because you think the “Milk” would represent the white character, Pulse, but that’s incorrect. Becky is crazy about milk (for some reason) and that obsession has its place in the story. Pulse is more of a coffee person.  Get it,? Their skin colors are the opposite of what beverage they like. That is where the title comes from. Oh, and coffee has a place in the story as well.

Anyway give the map a read and get to know Becky a little more.

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