Fiji Random

King and Miss N: Fiji Random Characters

What is a school useless without? That’s right, Teachers. Pulse River High School is full of them. River Pulse is the name of the town Fiji lives in by the way… but her school’s name is Pulse River. King and Miss N are a couple of the teacher characters that run around in the world of Fiji Random.  Let’s get a quick introduction to each of them shall we?

king and misslr copy logo

King James

King is a fresh new faculty member to the school. She shows up in volume 1 but she doesn’t have her teaching job yet in the main story chapters. She does appear in a Random Moment in volume 1 as a teacher though. King is the gym teacher and the health teacher for Fiji’s class. She will also substitute sometimes during her free periods.

king james 2018 think lq

King is loved and respected by all the students in the Pulse River, she has an older sister charm that the students look up to. With that, the kids will call her “big sis King” or “KJ” when they talk about her. She joins the staff around the same time Saw gets transferred to the school. She has a very normal personality. Not many people know what she does on her days off.

Miss N

Miss N is the English and homeroom teacher for Fiji’s class. She is nasty and mean all the time. Think of her as the opposite of King. The students don’t like her and they try to play pranks on her sometimes. She is always giving the kids failing grades even if they don’t deserve them. She is also willing to throw some personal insults at her students. Miss N is around the same age as King, and they end up being friends even though they are opposites. She looks older than she is because she is stressed all the time. Miss N favors Saw for some reason.

miss n and the three students lq

Miss N is very visible in volume 1. She is more of a main character than King is at this time. You can see her in various funny Random Moments as well as in the main story chapters.


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