Fiji Random

Character Bio: Anzu Maide

Anzu Maide is the older sister of Fiji Maide and the best friend of Reese Cooper. She has a goody-goody personality and no one can really find any fault in her, although she can be selfish at times. Anzu is 20 years old and she attends the Mapp University majoring in psychology. She doesn’t live at home during the school year.

anzu sitting lrShe stands at about 5’8” and her weight… well that’s a… Now this juicy info is between you and me… she weighs over 200lbs. The reason why she is so heavy is because she works out a lot. She has a huge stomach (it pushes all her other organs out of the way) and she eats and eats and eats! She is a real pig and she loves burgers (all kinds). Because Anzu eats so much she has a natural worry about getting fat or something, so she works out everyday to keep her weight down. All that working out keeps giving her muscle, and you know the rest.

anzu stretch

She is a burger eat’em up girl! If you give Anzu a cheeseburger she will do whatever task no matter how big or small (that’s her problem). As far as Anzu’s fashion sense, she will be seen in mostly things that will show off her figure. It is a reminder (to herself) that she’s not fat. She don’t really wear normal looking clothes. If she does manage to get a normal pair of pants, for example, she will alter them to fit her own style.


Fiji, her little sister, will call her names when they get into arguments about each other’s life style (fitness vs gaming). Anzu is a giant sweetie that may be boring at times. She is very naive when it comes to guys noticing her. She does part time work at a music store, but she also works at temp jobs to support her large grocery list. Anzu has a ghost for a roommate, and that is pretty normal in the FR world. Ghost is whole other subject. Anzu’s hair resembles a fox and when she gets upset or scared her hair may stand up like fox ears. Her hair is very long. So long, the end of it kind of looks like a tail. Like her father, she supports the “Maide Mark” on her cheek. Most Maide offspring have a mole on their cheek. Fiji lacks the Mark! Anzu will mostly have parts in the FR manga in the Intermissions. She will join the main plot later but as for right now she will only appear in Random Moments and Intermissions. Oh, also she hates bugs, caterpillars mostly.

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