Fiji Random

Character Bio: Reese Cooper

Reese Cooper is a childhood friend of Anzu (Fiji’s sister). Reese is the same age as Anzu, 20. She’s not all that tall either. She attends the same college as Anzu and she works in the same place as Fiji. Reese is not as much shy as she is a total coward. Most people will say she is “just shy” but it goes beyond that. She is terrified of people, male and female. She is more afraid of males though.

noway maamShe became this way because of her traumatizing past as a child. Her father is the police chief and when Reese was a little thing he would take her on drug busts and raids. Reese was also set up as bait for pedophiles and criminals without her consent (she was never harmed, she just got really scared). Since her dad was such a hardcore cop she would end up with him on violent gun standoffs and shootouts. All this madness made her quiet and scared of everything. Guys don’t really notice her in class or outside but they do when she is around Anzu because Anzu will catch all the boy’s eyes, and then Reese will be spotted as well. Reese is Anzu’s fitness partner.

When Reese and Anzu hang out they attract a lot of attention because of their looks. Reese gets really scared every time eyes are on her then start to act like a scared child, and most people think that’s cute. Because of her cowardice nature she is bad at speeches and communication in general, but she is comfortable around the police and the Maide family. She avoids trouble and human contact. If anyone gets too close to her without her permission she blows her “Rape Whistle” she carries with her at all times. She blows that whistle a lot. She is a coward, get it?

reese yawn redo lr

She is going to college to become a cop. How is that going to work? Look forward to seeing Reese in the manga!


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