Knights of 2nd Earth


Equality – now there’s a word that the great city of Vanguard did not strive to uphold. Despite the declarations of equality among men that were consecrated in this very city, equality was nothing more than a myth. This was evidenced by the existence of the levels of the city, which lie below the plate that SURFACE was built upon. These domains were officially deemed as the ‘sub-levels’, but residents of Vanguard knew them as the ‘slums’, each numbered by the order in which they were stacked upon one another.

            Directly beneath SURFACE were the 7th Sector Slums, an urban cesspool of poverty and decay. Down there, the sun did not cast its rays, and the residents were constantly reminded of their lowly position in society upon looking into the sky, only to see the rusted steel plate on which SURFACE set its foundation.

– Knights of 2nd Earth: Tears of an Honorable King (Prologue)

Equality is a central theme in Knights of 2nd Earth. The socioeconomic divisions within the city of Van Guard are physically represented by barriers of concrete and steel that are built between sections of the city that contain residents of different income levels. Because of their social status, some are privileged to live on top, while others are forced to live beneath the rich, literally.

The passage from the book is not far from the truth of the world we live in today. In America, we are told that we are created equal, which we are, to a certain extent. But, once creation gives way to actually living in American society, equality goes out the door, and we are all treated differently based off of racial and socioeconomic lines. This is not acceptable, and it should never be viewed as normal.

Stand and Fight
Flardra the Burning Phantom is the fire powered hero of Knights of 2nd Earth

Just as the revolutionary heroes of the American civil rights movement in the 1960’s, and those who stand for freedom and truth today (Black Lives Matter, Me Too, etc.) the characters of Knights of 2nd Earth band together to fight the demon of inequality and discrimination that holds them all captive – both rich and poor. Let’s face it, the truth of the matter is this: where there is inequality, the oppressed suffer, and the oppressor becomes history’s douche bag, making life harder for his/her future generations who will have to pay for the sins of their father. Equality is the only way to true progress, for any society.

Check out the first 50 pages of Knights of 2nd Earth: Tears of an Honorable King



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