Fiji Random

Fiji Random Character Bio: Orange Bunga

fiji orange color swap low res IG

Here comes the third friend in the Fiji trio! This little girl is Orange Bunga. You may have seen her in some comic strips already. Orange is 17, making her the oldest one in the group actually. Her tiny body and childish face makes it difficult for people to take her seriously. She has a little sister who is like ten years younger than her. Orange has big orange eyes that are sometimes covered by her heavy bangs. She will always have her hair in pigtails, this makes her look more childlike but she just likes to wear ribbons and stuff in her hair. The pigtails are just hair extensions. She is not very proud of her height so she drinks milk [strawberry milk] almost every day so she can become big and strong, but she’s not making any progress.

fiji random moments set 1 b1 sucked

Her tiny self is good for eavesdropping on juicy gossip. Orange is a giant gossiper, and she spreads rumors or facts that are none of her business. The school newspaper sometimes asks Orange for the latest scoop if they are in a bind to fill pages. Orange will also take things the wrong way and blow them out of proportion. If Fiji wants a game that is too mature for her, she will get Orange to buy it for her since she legally can. Also, Orange loves ducks, all kinds. She thinks they are cute!


Here is something cool to note. Orange was not originally going to be a main character in the story. She was just there for support, but then I started to draw her better and she became one of the main 3 [Fiji, Koco, and Orange]. She replaced a girl named Jo. Jo didn’t look like Orange at all, in fact Jo is not even going to be in the comic, I took her out.

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