Black Streak Kitchen

What Is Black Streak Kitchen?

Black Streak Kitchen is a culinary educational platform developed by Justin and I that teaches cooking through fun comic cookbooks called Black Streak Kitchen Comics.

What Are Black Streak Kitchen Comics? 

Black Streak Kitchen Comics (BSK Comics) are real recipes, by real celebrity chefs, made into recipe comic books! Black Streak Kitchen teaches cooking, nutrition, health and wellness through fun, easy-to-follow recipe comic books. Whether you are an experienced at home cook, or someone who has never cooked before, BSK Comics are made for you! This is a totally new approach to culinary and nutrition education, and we need your backing to make it happen!

A page from BSK Comics #7 – Sauteed Mushroom Tacos – by Chef Bryce Fluellen

How Do Black Streak Kitchen Comics Work?

BSK Comics feature our Black Streak Kitchen Character Chefs who teach you delicious recipes through fun comics. Think of them as hosts of a cooking show in comic form! BSK Comics recipes are broken down into 4 easy-to-follow sections:



In this section of the comic, our Character Chefs teach you how to properly prepare the recipe ingredients for cooking. Learn how to chop onions, dice tomatoes, julienne carrots, clean cilantro, peel ginger, and so much more! BSK Comics don’t just tell you what to prep, we show you how to prep, step-by-step!

Prep Time! page from issue #7

Mix It Up!  

BSK Comics places BIG emphasis on seasoning with the right blends of herbs and spices. This section will teach you how to season your ingredients and make simple sauces from scratch so your dishes will pop with AMAZING flavors!


Cook It Up!  

Knowing how to cook your ingredients properly can be the difference between cooking a gloriously delectable culinary masterpiece, or going to the ER with food poisoning. In this section, the Character Chefs teach how to cook meats to healthy internal temperatures, how to sautée, reduce, render and more!


Eat It Up!  

This is the best section – plating and eating your finished meal!


Nutrition Facts

Get the recipe daily nutrition values, and learn how each ingredient benefits the health of your body and mind.


Culinary Geography and History 

Have you ever wondered how the taco was invented? How about stir fry or alfredo? Learn about the geographical origins of our recipes and how they came to be!


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