Knights of 2nd Earth

Knights of 2nd Earth: Tears of An Honorable King (Preview 1) – By Terry L Raimey

The following excerpt is from chapter 1 of Knights of 2nd Earth: Tears of an Honorable King.

Tylan felt a most unusual presence, as if an unnatural force was somewhere in the immediate area. He heard a faint snarl in the distance, as though a large animal of some kind lurked behind the slowly dissipating cloud of white smoke, dust, and debris that was before him. Tylan focused his eyes ahead, and walking through the smoke was an image of breathtaking and terrorizing proportions! The boy’s disbelief was strong despite seeing this foreign creature as it walked and breathed before his very eyes! Continue reading “Knights of 2nd Earth: Tears of An Honorable King (Preview 1) – By Terry L Raimey”

Our Journey to the Mainstream

That Time We Almost Got Into Spencer’s Stores…

The mall… does anyone remember that place? As a kid growing up in the 90’s and 2000’s, the mall was the spot where we went to stunt in our own minds, pretending like we had it, knowing good and darn well we were broke as a joke! Before online shopping turned us all into recluses, you could find everything at the mall: normal stuff like DVDs, clothes, J’s, and video games, and really weird stuff, like “boob muffs”, “Humphrey the Humping Dog”, and the all important “Willy Warmer” (look it up…). Just what reputable business would sell such products in an American family establishment like the mall? Spencer’s Gifts, of course! Continue reading “That Time We Almost Got Into Spencer’s Stores…”

Fiji Random

Character Bio: SAW

SAW is a main character in the Fiji Random manga (look he is on the cover). His full name is Savage Angel Watagashi. SAW is a nickname. His name was inspired by the stupid movie franchise with the same name. He comes from an island country, Razor Island, that is notorious for being dangerous and crime ridden. SAW is part of a foreign student exchange program. Guess what happens to SAW in this program? Correct, he will end up with Fiji’s family in the first volume. Because of his roots and his love of blades, Saw is feared among his peers. He develops a crush on Fiji’s best friend Koco, but Koco is super afraid of him. OH NO! Continue reading “Character Bio: SAW”

Fiji Random

Oops! Know your stuff #1

There was a major oops in the first carnation of the Fiji Random manga. The logo was a major problem. Why? Because the Japanese was incorrectly spelled.

fiji logo change

The middle character in the Japanese part of the logo was incorrect. You can’t mix hiragana and katakana in the same word. It makes no sense. Someone corrected me on this and the logo was changed. It’s important to know your stuff before you publish anything. I’ve learned my lesson. The Katakana in the final logo translates to “Fiji”.

Our Journey to the Mainstream

The Raimey Brothers’ Journey to Bring More Black and Latino Representation to Pop Culture

Growing up in the 90s, my brother and I were big fans of superhero cartoons like Spider-Man, Batman, TMNT and Ghostbusters. Back in those days, there were very few characters who looked like us and shared our personal experiences. Heck, even Star Wars only had one brotha in the entire galaxy – albeit a very suave and smooth brotha – but he was the only one! Continue reading “The Raimey Brothers’ Journey to Bring More Black and Latino Representation to Pop Culture”