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Here are the books, comics, and graphic novels that we want to have published for mainstream audiences. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Black Streak Kitchen Comics


Genre: Cooking/Comic

Black Streak Kitchen Comics teach kids and families how to cook with recipes in the form of super-fun comics! Our comics also teach the nutrition facts of the ingredients in the recipe and how the recipe’s vitamins and minerals benefit your mind and body. Additionally, our comic cookbooks reveal the geographic origins, culture, and history behind the recipes. This is a totally new approach to cookbooks and will change the way people cook and eat forever!



Knights of 2nd Earth


Genre: YA/Urban Fantasy

In the city of Vanguard, 13-year-old Tylan Dean must tame a frightening new power that’s awakened from within; one that threatens to overtake his mind and body. Along with his super-powered allies, Jaxon and Corrina, he fights the wicked forces that grip his city in a web of corruption, while at the same battling other-worldly beasts, and uncovering the secret origins of his incredible new powers. If you love action, fantasy, and good ‘ol “stick it to the man” revolution, this is the book for you!  



Fiji Random: Vol. 1


Genre: Comics/Comedy/Manga

Fiji Maide is your average 16-year-old slacker who excels at one thing, and one thing only – video games! She has a cosplaying mom, a live-in foreign exchange student from a notorious island who just may be a psycho himself, an older sister with a gym and burger obsession, and an on-edge dad who always seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. High school and college antics are abound in this kooky manga-style comic, and the humor is not for the boring at heart. Packed with innuendos, pop-culture nostalgia, and odd-ball punchlines, Fiji Random is a comedic ride you’ll never forget!



Fiji Random: The Garage Maid Special

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Genre: Comics/Comedy/Manga

Fiji Maide’s Saturday morning is “ruined” when her mom, Fujio, forces her to help with a garage sale, but not just any garage sale. This is a special maid-themed cosplay garage sale! Get ready to sort through old Maide family treasures, take a walk down memory lane, and even discover some shocking secrets about Fujio’s childhood activities! She really wore that costume at 12-years-old?! This is definitely one sale you don’t want to miss!


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