Primary Series

Primary Yellow! And intro to Milk and Coffee

In the mood for some dark thriller action? Well, here we go.

Primary Yellow:  Milk and Coffee the second part of the Primary trilogy is the tragic tale about three heroes. Two of those heroes are Pulse and Becky James. Pulse is the one with the white hair and Becky is the brown.

becky pulse l small copy

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Fiji Random

Video Game References in Fiji Random

The Fiji Random manga is video game themed. It’s the #1 gimmick about the entire concept. I’m a big fan of video games and really wanted to create a manga that had that same theme. The cover of the first volume was designed to look like a game over, like a Xbox game box. Not only is the cover video game inspired, the structure of it’s content is video game like as well. Continue reading “Video Game References in Fiji Random”

Fiji Random

Oops! Know your stuff #1

There was a major oops in the first carnation of the Fiji Random manga. The logo was a major problem. Why? Because the Japanese was incorrectly spelled.

fiji logo change

The middle character in the Japanese part of the logo was incorrect. You can’t mix hiragana and katakana in the same word. It makes no sense. Someone corrected me on this and the logo was changed. It’s important to know your stuff before you publish anything. I’ve learned my lesson. The Katakana in the final logo translates to “Fiji”.