Fiji Random

Fiji Random World: Reserve

Fiji lives in a country called Reserve. It is a land mass surrounded by water AKA an island. Reserve is a territory of another country on the mainland. The name of that country is not important for none of the FR characters will visit that place any time soon. Fiji doesn’t live in the capital of Reserve, she lives in a city called River Pulse. It is called River Pulse because the river that runs through the city looks like a pulse on a heart monitoring machine. River Pulse is more of a urban location with a crappy football team and a busy airport.

reserve no logo

Yes, Fiji Random takes place in a fictional universe. I know I mention that some characters are considered Asian, African American, etc. but that is just to give an idea of what they are. There technically is no Asia in this story. This story doesn’t take place in Japan or America so if anyone finds a cultural flaw in the manga don’t worry about it because the culture in FR doesn’t exist in the real world. Reserve is like a mixture of everything.